Your Meridians Your Life Webinar

taught by Claire Tait

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Did you know...

An imbalance or blockage in any of your Meridians can affect your:

  • mindset
  • self esteem
  • self belief
  • confidence
  • motivation
  • relationships
  • contentment
  • ability to let go of what is no longer serving you
  • decisiveness
  • ability to make good choices
  • joy

Your meridians are part and parcel of your energetic health and key to your overall health.

As a Kinesiologist I cannot stress the importance of meridian health enough.

I would love you to watch the recording of my Free Meridian Webinar where we went through each of the meridians and the metaphysical consequences of them being out of balance. You will get to understand that by unblocking your meridians you can unlock your potential in all areas of your life.

Claire Tait
Claire Tait
Holistic Kinesiologist

I have been in practice as a Holistic Kinesiologist for 10 years and am passionate about the Mind Body Spirit Connection.

I specialise in emotional and spiritual health with my main focus being those who struggle with life purpose, limiting beliefs, confidence, indecision, valuing self, visibility and joy. I help them build internal resilience so that they can achieve success.

I do this by working extensively with meridians as these are one of the cornerstones of our energetic health and without our energetic health being in balance we can never truly be our best selves.

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