Course Description

Have you experienced issues around any of the following ...

  • Mindset?
  • Self-esteem?
  • Self-belief?
  • Contentment?
  • Decisiveness?
  • Confidence?
  • Decision-making?
  • Ability to make good choices?
  • Relationships?
  • Motivation?
  • Happiness?
  • Release of things that aren't working for you?

All of us can acknowledge that at one point or another we have needed to work with some of these issues.

But did you know that these could be due to a blockage in your meridian system?

What are Meridians?

Meridians form part of your energetic body in the same way that chakras do.

They are lines of energy that run through your body and distribute energy or chi throughout your body.

We need to keep that energy or chi in constant flow, we don't want any blockages.

It is when you get blockages that your energy stagnates and you can experience the negative consequences.

Meridian Workout Package

To combat these blockages, I've developed a Meridian Workout Package which consists of a set of easy to perform sequences for each of the fourteen meridians.

Each exercise is really simple and easy to perform and it takes eight minutes in total to do all 14 meridians. So that's only eight minutes of your day to get your meridians stimulated and your chi flowing.

Please note that if you do Yoga every day then you won't need this workout as Yoga is another wonderful way to balance your meridians. For those that don't do Yoga on a daily basis then this meridian workout package is perfect for the days when you don't do a Yoga session.

What's included

  • a handout which shows the position of each meridian and an explanation of the exercise for that meridian.
  • a video where you can see me demonstrating the sequence.

Be the Creator of your own Wellbeing

  • One simple movement for each meridian
  • Total of 8 minutes
  • Simple and gentle
  • A beautiful daily habit for your energetic body
  • Inexpensive

I'd love you to take a look and I know your Meridians would love you too.

Holistic Kinesiologist

Claire Tait

I have been in practice as a Holistic Kinesiologist for 10 years and am passionate about the Mind Body Spirit Connection.I specialise in emotional and spiritual health with my main focus being those who struggle with life purpose, limiting beliefs, confidence, indecision, valuing self, visibility and joy. I help them build internal resilience so that they can achieve success.I do this by working extensively with meridians as these are one of the cornerstones of our energetic health and without our energetic health being in balance we can never truly be our best selves.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Meridian Workout Package

    • Meridians Introduction

    • Meridian Workout Video

    • Meridian Workout Handout


5 star rating

Daily Meridian Workout

Kate Hubert

I love this daily workout. It's easy to do and Claire's instructions are easy to follow. The best part is it only takes 8 minutes.

I love this daily workout. It's easy to do and Claire's instructions are easy to follow. The best part is it only takes 8 minutes.

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